Friday, September 24, 2010

Anonymous Stalkers & Harassers - DeviantArt Trolls

As you can see, most of the stalkers & harassers that I've dealt with tend to stay on sites, where they can "hide" their true identity and gossip about people, they've never met, in person. Many of them will be listed in my future-YouTube videos, and blog-entries.

These people are a big part of my life because they're my enemies. I need to expose them now, before others come to me and ask things like, "Why do these people hate you so much?"

They're a combination of stalkers, admirers, harassers, and pedo-junkies. They love to chat about anything ridiculous enough to start an argument or cause controversies within online-communities. Don't be like them. Don't even attempt to contact them, unless you're willing to have them detained & punished for their crimes.

The public must learn to punish people, who mock & harass me. I need YOUR help. I don't want to become a victim of anonymous fools, who think they can do whatever they want without taking responsibility for it and being condemned for hurting others.

Tell me if there's anyone at major social-networking sites (including, who continue to gossip and attack strangers. I'm going to make a forum for people, who use those sites, so I can list the usernames of our offenders.

Some of them have made threats on my life, and even mentioned how fun it would be to hurt me.

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See what I mean? They're just 2 examples of the type of stalkers I have to deal with. They don't know me well enough to judge me. These people are the ones, who've written articles with my name on them. They want to get in trouble.

Obviously, I'm going to have to report these people to lawful-authorities, army, militias, and pray to the best guardian: YHWH.

For some more screenshots of the pedo-obsessed, conspiracy-theorists, and terrorists at DeviantArt, please visit:


  1. Stalker & Harasser comment on Sept. 25, 2010:
    Anonymous Coward -

  2. The nature of demons

    "It's vital to learn of the nature of demons, because when you realize that they are stubborn and rebellious beings that often need to be TOLD to leave, you'll understand why it's important to cast them out. Let's take a look at some of the tantrums they threw as Jesus cast them out:

    In Mark 9:20, we find a story of when a demon was so upset that he had to leave, that he took control over the boy and threw him into a convulsion with foam coming out of his mouth, "And they brought him unto him: and when he saw him, straightway the spirit tore him (took control over the boy and threw him into a convulsion); and he fell on the ground, and wallowed (rolled around) foaming (foam was coming out of his mouth)."