Monday, September 13, 2010

Anonymous Cowards & Constant Harassment by Members of DeviantArt & EncyclopediaDramatica

As long as people come to harass or threaten me & my associates, we will notify, whoever we want about your real names & locations, so if they want to bring charges against you in public (like I'm here to do), they will do so. You can't silence honest people, who actually know what you've done & where you come from.

My community-blogs, forums, and channels will be used to expose stalkers & harassers, who fail to realize there are penalties for threatening to harm or stalk people, no matter if you're doing it as an anonymous coward or agent/minion, such as an assassin.

Today I'm re-posting a few of the usernames used by anonymous cowards, who've either harassed & stalked me at or other websites. You'll also see complaints I've made to willfully lazy & ignorant federal servants, who manage the websites.

Those 2 websites are the cyber-homes of anonymous perverts I've dealt with for several months. Many of my harassers will be caught & sent to prison, if I find a judge willing to take my case against these anonymous pedophile-obessed retards, who love to gossip about people & things they don't know.

Since the court of public knowledge is reliable, I'm going to share what I experienced at & by well-known provokers, who frequent EncyclopediaDramatica under aliases to keep their pathetic identities hidden from their enemies. Cowards are THAT lame, and they always will be the trash of society.

They managed to get my acquaintances angry enough to defend me, and those same defenders helped me fight back against the anonymous cowards, who were provoking me at for more than 6 months.

Before I was even targeted by those fools, I was hoping to join the developers of It would have been nice to help them redesign that site & add a lot of new features to it:

1. Make alternative "icon-accounts" that were of better quality than most of the "plz-icons" I saw at

2. Produce my "Deviant Art Magazine", which would have been used to promote the kind members I met at that site.

3. Begin making "Deviant Comics", which is 1 of many things I had wanted to do for the dA-community for a long time.

4. Start a "Deviant Art Channel" - - I would have enjoyed managing that account for them.

5. Report the pedo-obsessed stalkers & common provokers at

#5 is what the staffers of DeviantART didn't seem to understand well enough for us to reach an aggreement. They avoided me when I brought up the fact that many of the members of that site were only there to harass artists, who either blocked them or made fun of their pedo-obsessed communities (such as the members of

For the past 7 months, I've been harassed by degenerates, who use a website called, “EncyclopediaDramatica”. They have publicly-admitted to cyber-bullying me for several months. I've caught many of them trying to influence my acquaintances & stalking them at some sites too.

1 of more of the admins of banned me from multiple-accounts for verbally-attacking & spamming my provokers, who had been harassing and stalking me for over 6 months. I have more than enough evidence to prove their guilt, since they have publicly discussed their hatred and plans to commit crimes against me, since last year.

Many of the stalkers were slandering me, and threatening to write an article about me, even though they never knew (still don't know me). I'm planning to file a lawsuit against both DeviantArt and my harassers.

If any of you are familiar with the hate-crime bill (including the hate-speech law), please contact me at I need as much support as you're willing to give to me. I'm not sure what else I should do beside make this a public-issue: Let's punish notorious harassers & stalkers online. This isn't about harmless “trolling”, anymore.

This is 1 example of the type of lunatics I encountered at I recognized that person's username because it has been used by 1 of the anonymous cowards, who continue to spam my comment-section at Blogspot. I could delete that person's comment at this site, but at there was no one willing to help me get rid of that user or his/her inappropriate comment & death-threat:

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Most of my provokers are members of, which is managed by a group admins, who have banned individuals without warning them for years. I reported my stalkers & harassers to the admins of for months, and they wouldn't help me at all because many of my provokers were either not important enough to address or they managed to disable their semi-active accounts before they could be properly banned.

Here's 1 of many screenshots I took of reports admins at didn't seem to believe were serious enough to act upon by banning 1 of my provokers:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even after receiving that death-threat, I continue to share my artwork with deviant artists, who followed me from to Myspace, Twitter, and Youtube. All of which now have Deviant ArtFan-pages:

I still love deviant art, so I made a channel for fans of deviant art at but I'm banned from even contacting the admins of that website, since they don't want to know about all of the harassment & ridiculous insults I received while I was a peaceful member of that website. Of course, I fought back against my provokers because I was tired of waiting for help from the staffers at

There's nothing more important to me than love, so I'll try to make the best out of this situation by offering to help & members like me, who want to see the Nazis, pedo-obsessed stalkers, and openly-racists groups removed from that website.

There's a list of most of the harassers I've dealt with at – I want the world to know about the horrible experience I had at that website. I joined it to find friends & a job. Now I'm happy I don't work there for obvious reasons: Those people were allowed to threaten, insult, and harass artists like me on a daily-basis, even after I reported them months ago.

The next group of stalkers were blocked several times on my alternate-accounts (which I was using to avoid contact with them. Apparently they just kept stalking me because they were pissed at me & others for blocking them): (One-time offender) - had multiple-accounts at, and started a DA-group that supports fellow-members of EncyclopediaDramatica: #daramatica

That stalker comes from EncyclopediaDramatica. He was caught several times sending hate-spam to my acquaintances at for over a month. He tried to convince them that I was somebody he knew as a pedophile even though I never associate myself with people of his ilk: pedo-obsessed stalkers & criminals. This person will be included in my future-lawsuit against members of EnyclopediaDramatica, who have stalked & harassed my friends and me for months.

OneWithRussia - Has been harassing me since the day I blocked her. She celebrated the day I blocked her.

GypsytheCabbit - "I support trolling..."
Another stalker I've caught writing about me at EncyclopediaDramatica. Sarah was caught several times sending hate-spam to my acquaintances at for over a month. She tried to convince them that I was somebody she knew as a pedophile even though I never associate myself with people of her ilk: pedo-obsessed stalkers & criminals. This person will be included in my future-lawsuit against members of EnyclopediaDramatica, who have stalked & harassed my friends and me for months.
...and there's more criminal-stalkers I wanted to list, but I'd rather just mention them in my future video-announcement about &

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  1. They're all pedo-obsessed, and they make excuses for promoting porn along with other inappropriate things.

    I save information about their proxies, and the real locations of the computers they operate, so I know which county police or regional law-enforcement agencies to call so they can put these crazy jerks in their databases.

  2. (inspired-by-boredom, neth)
    They banned your account again, I'm starting to question DA motives.
    I read the blog and that is outrageous, surely it's understandable being annoyed by these sick infants you are bound to loose your temper and you were doing something good for the DA community.

    Whatever words you used, not matter which ones, against them should not have banned your account!that is disgusting. Eventually they will get what's coming to them.
    What the hell is the point having a abuse/harrasment reporting centre when none if them do anything about it. This needs to be looked into or hire better staff.

    I'm sorry to hear that, even though I really like DA I hope the lawsuit action goes in your favour.

    It certainly looks more exclusive, judging by the sign-up they don't let anyone in for no reason.
    :iconhugplz: I'll send you a hi!

  3. Neth, I hope you will do well at both of those sites and beyond. I appreciate your message about the horrible experiences I mentioned in this journal. You've helped me a lot by sharing your thoughts about the abuse/harassment I described (above).

    Thanks again for joining me at I agree with you about random deviants or worthless entrants not being encouraged or permitted to join that site without a good reason to do so.

  4. The staff reaction is nothing new. If you report someone who isn't clearly spamming no matter how many rules they break the staff don't give a fuck they'll deal with spammers but anyone else will just get a copy and pasted message that basically says deal with it yourself.