Wednesday, April 6, 2011

deviantART Supports Good Trolls.

I was banned from after I was harassed by perverted stalkers, who were making libelous claims against me for over a year. While they were harassing (trolling) me and my acquaintances they provoked me to anger, so I did some of what they were doing to me: Making dirty jokes and hate-spammed their comment sections.

Since I did that, I've noticed deviantART welcoming more stalkers and harassers (trolls) to enjoy themselves while playing around with members of their site, with or without permission. I hate self-righteous hypocrites, who claim to follow policies they never actually practice or keep. See their troll-related article:

If you stalk ot harass (troll) me, I'll make sure you're punished forever and ever. You're not above or in control of me. If you write lies about me, you deserve to be taken down to prison or worse.

Screenshot of DeviantArt's Official Statement about Stalkers & Harassers (Taken from

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