Friday, October 1, 2010

Petition for Chad Syphrett Against Pedo-Obsessed Hypocrites

Thanks for the votes on my petition at

I haven't read all of the lies written about me by the racist/hate/porn-promoting community, but I know some of their ilk have read about the petition. No matter what you'all write about me, you have to admit that I warned you that my community would fight back. We're going to make sure every one of you will lose your anonymity; your sense of privacy, and freedom. You're the conspiracy-theorists and pedophiles. The only reason I visited EncyclopediaDramatica was because I needed to copy the IP addresses of the "anonymous" authors, who wrote that horrible article about the Chad Syphrett, whom you've never truly met, in person.

All you did was make me determined to prove how right I was about your obsession with sex, age, and sins. You're not going to defeat anyone by being losers, who hide behind ridiculous aliases to harass people, who blocked you for being obvious criminals. I don't need to use photoshop or screenshots to prove that all of you are on a long list of terrorists, who will be punished.

My future-forums, blogs, and channels will have details about all of you pedo-junkies, hentai/porn-lovers, and cowards, who think you can just tag strangers with the "pedo label", when all of you support sites with a long history of pedophile-obsessed artists and porn-addicts.

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  1. I love YHWH. I love scriptures. I'm not of this world.