Monday, November 8, 2010

Open Letter to DeviantArt Inc. and Cyber-Bullies

The whole "purple ribbon" joke deviantART used to gain support was insulting to those artists (like me), who were victims of bullies at deviantart, 4chan, and encyclopedia dramatica:

I need to tell my Twitter-followers and blog-readers about my case against the criminals using Many of them have been reported, but employees of DeviantArt Inc. continue to allow them to use their site, and hide behind aliases. I'm very open about the truth. I want people to know my name and story now.

Since joining deviantART, I learned how closely-related that company is with porn sites with shock-videos (animal cruelty etc.), and pedo-obsessed forum addicts. For example: DeviantART will be forever linked to EncyclopediaDramatica and 4Chan after what was allowed to happen at

Dramatica was established with the help of deviantART admin(s). It's a certified "deviantART-group", which I and many others have investigated. I even reported it to deviantART admins on several occasions.

Why does deviantART encourage pedo-obsessed, rude, and persistent hypocrites to abuse peaceful artists, until they are forced to attack back (defend themselves)?

Why does this company permit EncyclopediaDramatica members to continue making trouble for members of this site?

I used to "play along to get along" with bullies at deviantART, until they made threats against my life and false-accusations against me. I would like all of you to know that I used to be a comedian, but I never threatened to kill innocent artists (like myself). I'm not here to start any wars, but I need to defend myself and my loved-ones.

Many of the perverts I encountered at deviantART are addicted to: Nazis, occult societies, religion, porn, pedophilia, politics and etc. These are the type of people, who constantly lie about me and attacked me.

For some screenshots of harassers and stalkers I encountered at that website, please visit:

"DeviantART may be sued. Return my artwork (original files).

[...] All I want are my rights, privileges, and work, which your employees (including volunteers and harassers) took from me.

This year: I had peacefully contributed to your website, until I (along with my acquaintances) were harassed by members of your site (including employees of DA) on numerous occasions. My life was even threatened. Cyber-stalkers with "throw-away" accounts and bad attitudes were constantly using this site to get in my business, mock me, and call me names, such as "nigger", "fag", and etc.

When I reported all of this to the public, you (the deviantART staff) allowed my provokers (all of which are still members of your site) to continue harassing me. Fiona (AKA Chix0r), and at least 4 other deviantART employees (all admins) knew these people were making trouble for me at your site. Everyone of them were allowed and encouraged by the behavior of the deviantART staff to continue harassing me day after day (for over 7 months!).

I made numerous accounts to avoid contact with them, but since doesn't hide the browsing history of their members, they were able to track which accounts I moved to, and went through my watch-lists to determine when I had re-added friends at too.

deviantART admins weren't even following their own site-rules. That's 1 reason why so many of my harassers were encouraged to not follow any of them. You have criminals using your site, who were never even punished for breaking your rules (even after I reported them).

So this is what I'm being forced to do: Continue to share details about my case against your company, establish this public concern, as an important legal matter, and start a social-multimedia campaign (with the help of online social networking communities) to bring my case further into public view, unless you return my artwork (original files) and/or accounts I registered at this site."


  1. Yea, I see the addresses, and I save them. Why bother giving all of that information to me, when you know I'm going to use it against you & perverts in your guild?

  2. check this guy out, he wrote care of the soul, which you might find interesting..

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  4. Thank you so much for this article.

    For the past almost six months now, I have been the target of a particularly relentless cyber-bully; no matter how many times I block her and no matter how little I respond to her, she just keeps making new accounts from which to fill my inbox with harassment. She has even gone so far as to threaten the lives and well-being of some of my friends.

    Over the course of these past few months, I have reported her twice to the site administrators, having become genuinely afraid for my safety due to the extent of her obsession.

    They never got back to me, though, and by now, it has gotten to the point where I'm realizing that my only hope of getting away from her is to leave the site entirely, which is kind of sad because I have met quite a few lovely people there, and in general, the site has done wonders in terms of helping me gain exposure.

    it was just...kind of refreshing to read that I am not the only one who has been in this situation.

    Thanks again.

  5. Bullinacave, thanks for telling me about those pages (including the article about the author, Thomas Moore). You've helped me a lot. I've written more of my thoughts about your Facebook group and Thomas Moore below my message to Helena:

    Helena, thanks for you too. I appreciate your messages. I was sad to read about that stalker and harasser. I'd like to get that criminal punished, so you and your friends will not be vexed by her again.

    Of course, I don't like how often harassment and stalking (trolling) is permitted and enouraged by certain admins of deviantART.

    Back to Bullinacave: I'm going to continue to browse your Facebook group's page and support the anti-tyranny people at those sites. As I read that article, I was glad to see how enlightened and peaceful Thomas Moore has become.

  6. - Wasted.