Monday, January 24, 2011

Who is Chad Syphrett? - Truth about The Living Meme

1. Whatever YHWH wills me to be.
2. Seer
3. Artist
4. Most Persecuted Artist In World History.
5. Pro-Government (not for wicked conspiracies though)
6. Administrator
7. Future Architect of Internet WWWorld
8. Future World Leader (not the Beast of Revelation)

Please remember my words of wisdom: and follow me at:

The original being is the creator. Everything else is a copy.

If your imagination inspires you, make sure it's not a wicked imagination.

The future is a mystery to the blind and dumb because they don't care to learn history.

Freedom can't be bought with money. Freedom is more valuable than money.

Don't work for money. Work for the freedom to spend whatever you like.

You can learn from a fool by remembering his/her mistakes.

War doesn't solve the world's problems. It makes their problems bigger.

Your mind/heart is the most valuable thing you own. It's priceless property. Don't share it with strangers. Keep it clean.


  1. hey man, i like your conviction. i got thrown off of facebook, the goodie-goody.. i like that even the deviant can't hold you.. i am poet. i believe "you" have made an amazing discovery, called human spirit! long may you meme!

  2. Thanks for your kindness and consideration. I wish to support you and your work. I can relate to what you went through at Facebook, of course. I'm glad you didn't let yourself remain censored by any group/company etc.